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The Mediation Services We Provide

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms like arbitration and mediation can be initiated by the disputing parties, or they may be mandated by legislation, by the courts, or by terms of a contract.

How Is Arbitration Different From Traditional Litigation?

Arbitration is like traditional civil litigation in that a neutral intermediary hears the disputants' arguments and imposes a final and binding decision that is enforceable by the courts.

It is unlike traditional litigation because the disputants in arbitration promise to settle future disputes by arbitration even before a dispute materializes. Another difference is that the disputants select the arbitrator in an arbitration — in civil litigation, disputants don't choose the judge.

Mediated Dispute Resolutions
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Why Is Mediation Different From Arbitration?

Mediation is a negotiation facilitated by a neutral third party. Unlike arbitration, which has some of the elements of a trial, mediation involves no decision-making by the neutral third party. For more information, see Why Choose Mediation?

Two Skilled Mediators, Each With 30 Years Of Experience

At Mediated Dispute Resolutions, in Atlanta, Georgia, we assist parties in resolving disputes as different as medical malpractice claims, disputes requiring real estate mediation, and motor vehicle accident claims. This is a comprehensive list of the kinds of disputes we mediate:

Effective Resolution Of Disputes Through Mediation

It happens that Luanne Clarke and Burt Tillman are veteran attorneys in the area of workers' compensation, and that is an important topic for us. But mediation is different from litigation in another way: a mediator need not know everything about the law in all these areas. Rather, the mediator's job is to keep order while disputants and their lawyers argue the details.

We don't need to be experts on, for instance, divorce law and real estate law. Those experts are already in the room. Our challenge is to keep the process going forward in a trustworthy fashion, and to offer a compromise that the disputants themselves come up with.

Come To Us, Or We Come To You

We maintain mediation facilities in both Atlanta and in nearby Vinings. But we are not anchored to the office. We travel frequently to other parts of Georgia to mediate problems. We recommend these pages in particular:

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