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Car Accidents And Mediation Resolution

To make court caseloads more manageable, judges may require that people with auto accident claims first go through mediation. If mediation fails to resolve the dispute, then the individual is free to pursue more traditional litigation.

Wide Variety Of Motor Vehicle Accident Mediation

At Mediated Dispute Resolutions, LLC, we have guided many hundreds of auto accident claims through to satisfactory conclusions for both sides. Very often, the challenge is to move past the first preferences of accident victims and insurance carriers, to arrive at an agreement that strikes both sides as just and sufficient.

We mediate simple injury cases, wrongful death suits and injuries involving multiple drivers and carriers. While suits are usually against the other driver's insurance company, they also can be against makers of possibly defective equipment, highway construction companies, municipalities and self-insured property owners. They can even be against the injured driver's own insurance company, in matters involving uninsured motorists and coverage questions.

Wrongful death suits require a careful determination of the dollar value of a lost loved one. Though it is really not possible to calculate the full value of a breadwinner, caregiver, parent or child, we nevertheless use formulas allowing us to calculate how the total financial loss may be stated.

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Resolving Insurance Coverage Dispute

A common issue that arises in auto accident cases is whether the accident at hand is covered by the individual's policy. These are difficult cases because carriers believe the policy is quite explicit about what is and is not covered, while injured parties believe the carrier is acting in bad faith. There is no simple answer to this kind of deadlock, but at Mediated Dispute Resolutions, we use different tactics to walk the parties back from absolute certainty to the overriding issue of what is just and lawful. Our skilled attorneys invite you to read more about insurance coverage mediation.

Find Out More On How Mediation Can Benefit You Following A Car Accident

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