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Careful Resolution Of Divorce/Custody Cases Through Mediation

Most people set out to have a divorce that does not get ugly, but courtroom litigation has a way of ratcheting up anxiety on both sides. It's public, with strangers peering into your private lives. It's a battle between lawyers, who sometimes benefit from making things worse. It takes forever and it costs an arm and a leg.

Increasingly, people are choosing alternative divorce methods like mediated divorce. At Mediated Dispute Resolutions, LLC, serving Atlanta and all of Georgia, we help to resolve the most contentious issues in an environment that is low-key and encourages communication and compromise.

The Divorce Mediation Services We Provide

We assist couples in resolving issues as thorny as:

  • How to divide marital property in a just and acceptable way
  • Where the children will live, and how they will be supported
  • Whether one spouse will receive support payment from the other, and for how long

If courtroom struggles seem to be the cause of fights, mediation seeks to put parties at ease. Because agreements are made openly and with input from all sides, they stand up better after the divorce, resulting in fewer instances of contentious modifications and enforcements.

Mediated Dispute Resolutions
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Why Choose Divorce, Child Custody And Modifications Mediation

Divorce mediation is not for every couple. It is not suitable for couples who have a sharp imbalance of power, or when physical or psychological abuse has occurred. It is not a good approach for people who want to inflict pain.

But if a couple is looking for a gentler journey through divorce, family law mediation will work for them. Our attorneys look forward to your call.

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