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Efficient Resolution Of Personal Injury Cases

In personal injury disputes, the attorney/mediators of Mediated Dispute Resolutions, LLC, serve as a neutral third party to help work through areas of disagreement.

The Mediation Process In Personal Injury Cases

In personal injury mediation, there are usually five parties present:

  1. The plaintiff who filed the claim
  2. The plaintiff's attorney
  3. An insurance company claims adjuster
  4. The insurance company's defense attorney
  5. The mediator

The insurance adjuster's presence is important, because he or she decides whether a tendered offer is acceptable.

How Mediation Works In Simple Terms

First everyone meets together, so the two sides can state their cases and explain their reasoning. Then the two sides go to separate rooms. The mediator starts with the plaintiff, obtaining a number that leaves room for negotiation. Then the mediator visits the defendant and obtains a second number. This back-and-forth continues until a number is arrived at that both sides are amenable to.

Why Choose Mediation?

The Types Of Personal Injury Claims We Resolve

We at Mediated Dispute Resolutions, LLC, have resolved these kinds of personal injury cases and more:

We also do workers' compensation injury cases, which may be complicated by third-party lawsuits. All can be resolved in a combined mediation.

Learn More About Personal Injury Mediation

If you face personal injury mediation, contact the Atlanta, Georgia, personal injury mediation lawyers at Mediated Dispute Resolutions at 678-509-3998, toll free 800-655-4108.