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Practical Resolution Of Real Estate Disputes Through Mediation

Mediated Dispute Resolutions, LLC, is a practical resource to parties who have serious disagreements about real estate issues, but would prefer to sidestep the contentiousness, the high expense, the ongoing distraction and the risk of disproportionate losses that attend with courtroom litigation.

A Reputation For Success In Real Property Dispute Cases

Using the low-key tools of mediation, our firm works with parties in dispute to find a place in the middle that they can accept. Mediation is for reasonable parties wishing to find reasonable solutions — it is not an ideal venue for parties who think they are 100 percent in the right.

Why Choose Mediation?

Property Boundary Dispute Resolution • Construction Disputes

These are some of the issues, large and small, that our attorney/mediators have helped to resolve through mediation:

Atlanta attorneys Burt Tillman and Luanne Clarke both have more than 30 years of experience in the law, and both are respected for their facilitative skills and successful track record of problem resolutions. Our firm serves the Atlanta area and all Georgia, from one end to the other. For mediation services that are neutral, purposeful and well-managed, we invite you to call today.

Mediated Dispute Resolutions
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In a difficult real property dispute? Contact the Atlanta real estate mediation lawyers by calling Mediated Dispute Resolutions at 678-509-3998, toll free 800-655-4108.