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Mediation Services For Savannah

The concept of trial by a court was a huge advance, back in the Middle Ages. Today, however, our courtrooms are so overloaded that a new way to resolve disputes (without drawing swords) has evolved: mediation.

A Better Approach To Conflict Resolution

Most people understand that mediation is an alternative to litigation as a way to resolve disputes, that it is a calm environment that is less costly, less bureaucratic and less anxiety-provoking than going to trial.

Why Choose Mediation?

But mediation has another advantage as well. It allows parties in dispute to retain control of the process. In court, a judge runs the trial. A court can sometimes be swayed by the drama of a case. So court is a risky atmosphere, in addition to being protracted and expensive.

A Closed File Is A Good File

Mediation, when parties end in agreement, also produces finality. The claimant goes back to his or her life, and the defendant can close the book on that problem for good.

Mediation: The Law Evolves To Meet The Needs Of The Times

Mediated Dispute Resolutions, LLC, was founded by respected Atlanta attorneys Burton Tillman and Luanne Clarke. Both mediators have more than 30 years of experience in the law, and both are respected for their knowledge.

Our firm serves the people of Savannah, Atlanta, and all parts of Georgia. For mediation services that are neutral, purposeful and well-managed, we invite you to give us a call.

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