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The Benefits Of Mediation

You choose mediation not when you want to hit a home run and bury the other side, but when you want an outcome that is acceptable, one that puts an end to the dispute for good. In a sense, our goal as mediators is to have everyone leave the process satisfied, without having crushed the other side. That means both parties found a way to meet in the middle, spending less money than if they had gone to trial, and the matter is finally behind them.

What Must A Mediator Know?

It so happens that both our mediators, Luanne Clarke and Burt Tillman, are versed in many successful years of Georgia workers' compensation representation. But as neutral mediators, that knowledge is beside the point. Parties in disputes already have lawyers who know the relevant law, whether the dispute is about a truck accident, the discharge of an employee or a divorce.

An attorney is a protector you hire to fight for you. A mediator is more like a psychologist, who listens, reasons and moves you slightly toward the other side's position.

The role of the mediator is different. It is to provide a safe environment in which to hash differences out. The only expertise required of a mediator is to be able to get people to work for a common objective: ending the dispute with an acceptable compromise.

Saving Time And Money Through Alternative Dispute Resolution

The financial aspects of mediation are important. In mediation, the amount paid out may sometimes exceed the amount awarded in a trial. But the paying party probably still comes out ahead, having avoided court costs, excessive hourly attorney fees, the cost of depositions, doctors' and other experts' testimony, subrogations, witness subpoenas and other costs incurred in the presentation of your case.

Trials are rough. Plaintiffs are subject to rigorous cross-examination. Power is given to a judge who may or may not care about or even understand your case. And every hour costs more money. Mediation, by its nature, is less unnerving. Everyone participates. You even have the right to walk away if you don't like the deal that is offered.

Mediated Dispute Resolutions
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Conflict Resolution And Peace Of Mind

Best of all, to hear our clients, meditation provides closure. When the mediation ends, a check goes into the mail. In a trial, there may be appeals and other delays. Ending the dispute allows both sides to get back to making a living.

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