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Mediation in crashes involving truckers and truck companies

Crashes involving semi-trucks often lead to deaths and severe injuries for those in smaller vehicles. The sheer size and weight of these mammoth trucks puts a great deal of responsibility on their drivers to obey traffic rules, pay attention and remain vigilant at all times. When that does not happen, accidents can happen. Using mediation when dealing with truck drivers and trucking companies might yield a better result for grieving families or victims recovering from serious injuries after accidents here in Georgia.

For example, sometime before 5 p.m. on a recent Tuesday, a truck hauling a trailer of fish was headed north on U.S. 319. At the same time, an 18-wheeler was turning left onto the highway. The truck driver failed to see the other vehicle before beginning the turn. He attempted to avoid a collision by speeding up, but it was too late.

Finding the right attorney for a collaborative law divorce

If a Georgia couple finds that its marriage has come to an end, they now have the option to avoid the traditional courtroom divorce, and thus, the potentially stereotypical battles that such an adversarial process can foster. Collaborative law is one of those options that is still gaining steam in family law circles. Finding the right attorney is essential to this process.

When a Georgia couple decides to enter into a collaborative divorce, their attorneys are required to agree to it as well. Should either party no longer wish to participate in the process for whatever reason, the collaborative attorney can no longer represent his or her client. Some are concerned that this will keep some attorneys from representing their clients to best of their ability because they would not be able to represent their clients in litigation, but attorneys who believe in the process continue to diligently look after the best interests of their clients.

Have you considered collaborative law for custody issues?

Courtrooms, judges and everything that goes along with the traditional adversarial process can keep Georgia parents who are divorcing from coming to an agreement that benefits everyone -- especially the children -- when it comes to custody issues. Fortunately, alternative methods of resolving these issues have grown in popularity over the years. One of those methods is collaborative law.

Georgia couples actually have numerous options when it comes to negotiating their own custody agreements and parenting plans. Parents can negotiate on their own, but any agreement they come to may not comply with current legal standards and may not be approved by the court. Instead, the parties can meet with just their attorneys, meet with their attorneys and a mediator or meet with their attorneys and other third party professionals who assist in making decisions (collaborative law) such as counselors.

Avoid the emotional roller coaster and use divorce mediation

Ending a marriage is never easy. The emotional fallout can cause some couples to spend significant time, money and effort attempting to "punish" each other in a courtroom. Perhaps you and your spouse are like other couples in Georgia that just want off the emotional roller coaster and a fair and equitable settlement. If that is the case, you may decide to use divorce mediation but are unsure whether you can manage all of your issues without court intervention.

The good news is you can use divorce mediation to resolve all of your issues, including child support if you have children. Your mediator can help you understand how a Georgia court would calculate this amount so that you reach an agreement that will meet with the court's approval. In fact, one of the primary functions of a mediator is to let you know how the court will view all of your agreements from a legal standpoint.

Should you choose business law mediation over litigation?

If your company becomes involved in a dispute, you may have the right to file a lawsuit in a Georgia civil court against the other party or parties. However, this might not be the best way to resolve the differences since many cases require a substantial amount of time, effort and expense. In addition, any publicity that may result from a public lawsuit could damage your company's reputation, even if you prevail in court. For these and other reasons, choosing business law mediation might be a better course of action.

Mediation often takes less time, is less contentious and costs less than going to court. However, the benefits do not necessarily end there. Once a settlement is reached, the matter can be closed for good, and all of the parties involved can get back to business. You might not get everything you want out of the process, but a reasonable and satisfactory compromise could be reached.

Benefits of mediation in a nursing home abuse case

If you suspect or find signs that your loved one was abused or neglected, you must understandably feel angry and worried. You certainly do not want to keep them in a home where they are not getting proper care. You may also want to file a lawsuit against the home for what happened. These cases do not have to go to trial though. In fact, negotiating outside of court may be the best way to go.

Mediation could be useful in fatal school bus crash

No Georgia parent expects to receive a call that their child will never come home again. There seems to be an unspoken assumption that riding the school bus is safe and that the driver has the children's safety and best interests in mind during each trip. Sadly, this does not always happen, and in the aftermath of a serious or fatal school bus crash, mediation could help grieving families receive restitution for their losses and achieve some sense of justice and closure.

Preliminary reports indicate that a crash involving a school bus carrying children with special needs occurred on Georgia Highway 92. Those reports note that the bus had come to a stop at a stop sign. At the same time, a vehicle was heading east toward the intersection. The school bus driver prematurely entered the intersection, and the car slammed into it. The car apparently did not even have time to apply the brakes before impact.

Divorce mediation could pave the way for co-parenting

Most Georgia parents want what is best for their children regardless of what happens in their relationship. This has led to an upswing in the number of divorced couples who opt to co-parent their children. Getting to that point, however, can sometimes be a challenging road, which is where divorce mediation could prove invaluable since it fosters an atmosphere of cooperation and compromise. These two attributes are often invaluable in parenting -- whether the parents remain together or not.

One set of parents decided to show the world that co-parenting is possible despite the end of a marriage. The child's biological parents decided to get together with their new spouses and take her to Disneyland. As a sign of their solidarity in ensuring that she grows up with both parents in her life, all four parents wore T-shirts emblazoned with "#Co-parenting" on the back. The lucky little girl's shirt said "#BestDayEver" on the back of it.

The first step toward a new life: Choosing divorce mediation

When Georgia couples decide to end their marriages, they often wonder what to do next. The first step is often to determine what kind of divorce they want. Many couples are shying away from the traditional courtroom divorce and embracing a more civil and family friendly method: divorce mediation.

This process allows a Georgia couple to retain control over their futures as they step into their new lives. The decisions regarding how to deal with property division, custody and support issues remain with the parties. This gives them the freedom to find solutions that work best for their family. Most people also leave the negotiations with an agreement with which both parties are satisfied.

Car accidents mediation could bring faster justice to victims

Georgia residents who become victims in crashes retain the right to file personal injury claims in the state's civil courts. However, those cases could require a significant commitment of time and resources before any resolution is reached, especially if the driver believed responsible also faces criminal charges in connection with the accident. As an alternative, victims could turn to car accidents mediation to receive a faster resolution and sense of justice.

The family of a woman who suffered fatal injuries in a recent head-on collision might consider this option since the man authorities believe responsible faces numerous criminal charges in connection with the crash. That driver was allegedly speeding at the time. In the aftermath of the accident, police suspected that the 22-year-old driver had drugs in his system when he slammed into the woman's vehicle as well.

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