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Mediation in crashes involving truckers and truck companies

Crashes involving semi-trucks often lead to deaths and severe injuries for those in smaller vehicles. The sheer size and weight of these mammoth trucks puts a great deal of responsibility on their drivers to obey traffic rules, pay attention and remain vigilant at all times. When that does not happen, accidents can happen. Using mediation when dealing with truck drivers and trucking companies might yield a better result for grieving families or victims recovering from serious injuries after accidents here in Georgia.

Mediation could be useful in fatal school bus crash

No Georgia parent expects to receive a call that their child will never come home again. There seems to be an unspoken assumption that riding the school bus is safe and that the driver has the children's safety and best interests in mind during each trip. Sadly, this does not always happen, and in the aftermath of a serious or fatal school bus crash, mediation could help grieving families receive restitution for their losses and achieve some sense of justice and closure.

Car accidents mediation could bring faster justice to victims

Georgia residents who become victims in crashes retain the right to file personal injury claims in the state's civil courts. However, those cases could require a significant commitment of time and resources before any resolution is reached, especially if the driver believed responsible also faces criminal charges in connection with the accident. As an alternative, victims could turn to car accidents mediation to receive a faster resolution and sense of justice.

Why mediation should be an option in auto accident cases

While acquiring a new car can be a very exciting time, there's no disputing that the latest addition to your garage or driveway comes with a host of tasks. Indeed, there are new features to learn, license plates to acquire, registration fees to pay and, of course, insurance to secure.

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