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Finding the right attorney for a collaborative law divorce

If a Georgia couple finds that its marriage has come to an end, they now have the option to avoid the traditional courtroom divorce, and thus, the potentially stereotypical battles that such an adversarial process can foster. Collaborative law is one of those options that is still gaining steam in family law circles. Finding the right attorney is essential to this process.

Have you considered collaborative law for custody issues?

Courtrooms, judges and everything that goes along with the traditional adversarial process can keep Georgia parents who are divorcing from coming to an agreement that benefits everyone -- especially the children -- when it comes to custody issues. Fortunately, alternative methods of resolving these issues have grown in popularity over the years. One of those methods is collaborative law.

Why should a Georgia couple consider collaborative law?

Ending a marriage is undoubtedly a stressful time for any Georgia couple. It often feels like an emotional roller coaster, and all the parties want is to get off the ride. In addition, facing the prospect of a contentious and adversarial court battle only adds to an already stressful situation. Fortunately, a couple could take advantage of collaborative law to help bring some order to the divorce process.

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