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Avoid the emotional roller coaster and use divorce mediation

Ending a marriage is never easy. The emotional fallout can cause some couples to spend significant time, money and effort attempting to "punish" each other in a courtroom. Perhaps you and your spouse are like other couples in Georgia that just want off the emotional roller coaster and a fair and equitable settlement. If that is the case, you may decide to use divorce mediation but are unsure whether you can manage all of your issues without court intervention.

Divorce mediation could pave the way for co-parenting

Most Georgia parents want what is best for their children regardless of what happens in their relationship. This has led to an upswing in the number of divorced couples who opt to co-parent their children. Getting to that point, however, can sometimes be a challenging road, which is where divorce mediation could prove invaluable since it fosters an atmosphere of cooperation and compromise. These two attributes are often invaluable in parenting -- whether the parents remain together or not.

The first step toward a new life: Choosing divorce mediation

When Georgia couples decide to end their marriages, they often wonder what to do next. The first step is often to determine what kind of divorce they want. Many couples are shying away from the traditional courtroom divorce and embracing a more civil and family friendly method: divorce mediation.

Preparing for mediation

Although you and your spouse may have agreed to end your marriage, you have both decided that relying on an adversarial process will benefit neither of you. You may have heard from other friends that battling in court is stressful, costly and time consuming. So, while it may have seemed that arguing with your spouse led you to your decision to divorce, you both agree that resolving conflict through mediation is the best way to go.

Divorce stats that are definitely worth your attention

Statistics about divorce are often good for headlines, but what do they really tell us about the nature of marriage and divorce in our country? According to 2015 data reported a few months ago, Georgia is a fairly representative state as far as the national divorce rate is concerned, with a rate just slightly under the national rate of about 17 divorces per 1,000 married women.

Here's how older people can divorce without breaking the bank

Getting a divorce is hardly uncommon for married couples anymore. Many marriages in Georgia and throughout the country do not last until "death do us part" these days -- and that isn't necessarily a bad thing. People going into a marriage want it to succeed, of course, but when a couple realizes that the drawbacks of being together outweigh the benefits, a divorce may be in their best interests.

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